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The Friends’ Bahlow Bookstore and Bank & Trust Café opened in April 2009 as part of the Library’s building expansion.  The Friends of the Library wanted to provide a warm, welcoming space to sell the books that were discarded from the Library and donated from the community.  It was created to be in service to the community and continues to keep prices low for that reason. The area is operated solely by unpaid volunteer staff with all funds going to cover expenses and then back to the library for support of special programs.

Gary and Barbara Bahlow were strong supporters of the Chatham Area Public Library and funded a portion of the Bookstore. Bank & Trust Co. also wanted to support this new service and donated funds to support the creation of the Café. 

On behalf of the Friends of the Library Board, we welcome you to the Friends’ Bookstore! Thank you for your support.

January hours
Temporary Closure.
Friends' Bookstore and Café closed from January 9 - February 6.

Friends cafe/bookstore will be closed until February 8th



Our top priority is to protect the health of both our volunteers and patrons. With that in mind, the Friends Bookstore and Cafe will close on Saturday, January 8 at 3:30, and remain closed until Monday, February 7. Thank you for your patience during this time.


Cafe Menu


As a service, we aim to keep prices low, all while retaining small profits to benefit the Friends of the Library.

As of 7.28.21, offerings are coffee, tea, soda, juice boxes and water. We also have some limited snacks.



Book and Merchandise Prices

Bookstore prices

Friends of Chatham Area Public LibraryThere are many ways to help the Friends of the Library. If you like to connect with your community, talk about books and support your Library, there is no better way than to be a volunteer in our Friends’ Café & Bookstore!  For more information, click on and complete the PDF iconVolunteer Information Form and it will be sent to the Bookstore & Café Coordinator.  You will be contacted and the Coordinator will discuss the open volunteer needs, typical job duties and answer any questions you may have.  We hope you’ll join the fun!

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Do you have questions or comments? Please let us know! Thank you for your interest in the Friends of the Chatham Area Public Library's Cafe & Bookstore!