Come and meet Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the Underground Railroad. She never ran her train off the track, and never lost a passenger.

Kathryn Harris will present a first-person historical program as Harriet Tubman - the abolitionist, humanitarian, and civil rights activist who guided slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad before the Civil War. Following her presentation as Tubman, Harris will answer questions from the audience about the historical interpretation.

Harris is an educator, librarian, and historical interpreter. Harris retired from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as its library services director in 2015 after starting in 1990, and she worked with the Illinois State Historical Library before that. She served as a librarian for the SIU Medical School, Illinois State Library, Springfield's Lincoln Public Library, the former Sangamon State University, and Florida International University. Her educational background includes studies in education, French, and library science.