You’re invited! Community groups are welcome to meet at the library.

The library offers a variety of beautiful spaces, for groups of up to 150, as well as free study spaces for groups, up to 6.

Meeting Room General Information

  • We Reserve the Right to cancel or move meetings that conflict with In-House library programs
  • Meeting Rooms are available on first come first served basis and depend on room availability
  • All meetings must be free and open to the public. Meeting must be educational in matter.
  • Meeting rooms may not be used for private social gatherings or parties.
  • Fees will be charged for non-Chatham Area Public Library District residents.
  • All Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Any questions - refer to Community Use of Meeting Rooms Policy
  • Please fill out PDF icon2019 Meeting Room Request form, CIRCLE dates wanted, SIGN FORM and return to circulation desk for consideration. 

Meeting Room Max Capacity

Conference Room

  • 30 with chairs only
  • 20 with tables
  • Room Setup: U-Shaped
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Available


Activity Room

  • 40 with chairs only
  • 32 with tables
  • Craft Based Activities Preferred in this room if possible


Galleries ABCD All Open

  • 150 with chairs only
  • 90 with tables and chairs
  • Room Setup: Classroom, Theatre, Banquet, Square, U-Shape
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Available


Gallery A

  • 20 with chairs only
  • 12 with tables
  • Room Setup: Square
  • Laptop connection with screen available

Galleries B&C

  • 50 with chairs only
  • 30 with tables and chairs
  • Room Setup: Classroom, Theatre, Banquet, Square, U-Shape

Gallery D

  • 20 with chairs only
  • 12 with tables
  • Room Setup: Square

All groups must bring covers for all the tables, when doing any crafts or having snacks.

Study Room Guidelines

Study rooms are designed to provide a quiet area of study for individual or small groups.  The fundamental purpose of these study rooms is to provide a suitable environment for research, studying or reading.

  • The rooms may be reserved in person or over the phone up to one week in advance.

  • A first come, first served basis if not reserved.
  • Time slots are two hours in length.  Extended usage time may be given if room is available.  A time limit of three hours per day will be enforced should other users request the use of a room.  (Limits are set in order to accommodate fair and equitable access to these spaces.)
  • Reserved rooms will be held for 10 minutes past the reserved time, and then will be made available to the next applicant.
  • Study Rooms must be vacated 15 mins prior to the scheduled closing of the library regardless of when the patron began using the room.
  • Food is prohibited in the study rooms.  Covered drinks are allowed.
  • Study Rooms are not sound proof so noise is to be kept to a minimum. Complaints reported by other patrons about excessive noise may result in suspension of further study room privileges.
  • Library materials or personal belongings are not to be left unattended in the study rooms (except for very short trips to the book stacks or restrooms).
  • Dry erase markers and erasers will be provided at the circulation desk.

For more information, see the Study Room Policy

Study Room Max Capacity

Study Room 1

  • 6 people
  • Square Table
  • Whiteboard in Room

Study Room 2

  • 4 people
  • Round Table
  • Whiteboard in Room

Study Room 3

  • 4 people
  • Round Table
  • Whiteboard in Room

Study Room 4

  • Long table against back wall
  • 4 people
  • Free Standing White Board in Room