A. Lending Periods

All circulating library materials are checked out for a period of two weeks with the following exceptions:

  1. Puzzles may be checked out for two months.
  2. Certain materials in the library’s Reference Collection and Local History/Genealogy Collection do not circulate or have a limited checkout period.
  3. Current issues of magazines do not circulate.
  4. Items borrowed from other libraries will circulate according to the lending library’s circulation policy.

Children are not limited to materials in the juvenile collections.  Parents must supervise their own child’s selection of library materials.

Limits on the number of items that may be borrowed are determined by the Library Director and designated Staff.  Temporary restrictions may be necessary if there is a shortage of materials in certain areas or in order to ensure that an entire collection is not checked out at one time.

Lending policies may be waived for an individual in special circumstances with the specific permission of the Library Director or designated staff.  Vacation checkouts for extended periods of time are available only on Chatham Area Public Library materials at the discretion of the staff.

B. Renewals

  1. All circulating items owned by the Chatham Area Public Library may be renewed in person, by telephone, or by computer via the Library's website for an additional two week period unless there are requests on the title.
  2. Items owned by other libraries within the SHARE automated catalog database may be renewed if there are no outstanding requests for the item. One renewal is possible if no requests are outstanding.  The length of the loan period per checkout and renewal is set by the lending library.

C. Interlibrary Loans

  1. When resident patrons would like materials that are not available within SHARE, Chatham Area Public Library Staff may request those materials outside of SHARE.  This process is called interlibrary loan, or ILL. 
  2. When materials are borrowed via interlibrary loan, the policies governing that loan, including the circulation period, are determined by the lending library.  Patrons borrowing through interlibrary loan must respect the due dates established by the lending library so that the Chatham Area Public Library will not lose the privilege of borrowing materials for any of its patrons.  It is crucial, therefore, that materials borrowed through interlibrary loan be returned in a timely manner.  Habitual failure to do so will result in individual loss of this privilege for the patron so that we may preserve the service for others.

D. Holds

  1. Patrons may place a request for any circulating item that is available in the SHARE database either directly through their online account in the public access catalog on the Library’s website or with the help of the Library Staff.
  2. The Library Staff will attempt to notify the patron when the requested item becomes available. The information is also available through a patron’s account in the public access catalog site. The requested item will be held for seven days for the patron. After that time the item is made available for circulation or returned to the lending library.


Overdue Materials

  1. An overdue fine of $.10 per day will be charged for each adult item, up to a maximum of $3.00 per item. An overdue fine of $.05 per day will be charged for each juvenile item, young adult item, or magazine, up to a maximum of $1.00 per item. A patron is considered delinquent when the fine total reaches $5.00 and may no longer check out materials until the fine is reduced.  
  2. Fines on an overdue item shall not exceed the replacement cost of the item.
  3. Items due on a given date must be returned to the library before closing time on that date in order to avoid a fine.
  4. The Library Staff will attempt to contact the patron with overdue materials during the first five weeks that the item is overdue. Charges will appear on the patron account if the materials are not returned.

Lost and Damaged Materials

  1. If an item is lost, the borrower is liable for the replacement cost of the item. 
  2. If an item is damaged, a charge will be assessed based on the cost of repair.  If the item is damaged beyond reasonable repair, full replacement price will be charged. The fees will remain on the account until they are paid. 
  3. Fines are waived when a borrower pays the replacement cost of a lost or badly damaged item. Borrowers who pay for a damaged item within 14 days may have that item. After 14 days, the damaged item charges will remain, but the item will be discarded.
  4. The Library Director may place borrowing restrictions on a patron who habitually damages materials.
  5. A full refund, minus the amount of fines for materials lost and paid will be made if the materials are returned in good condition with the original receipt within ninety (90) days of the date of payment for the loss.
  6. Items borrowed from another library will be subject to the charges and fees set by that library for lost or damaged items.

Replacement Costs

  1. The replacement charge include the price of an item plus shipping and processing charges that are necessary in order to obtain and circulate a replacement copy of the lost or badly damaged item.
  2. If the item is no longer available, replacement costs cover the expense of obtaining materials of a similar nature.

Theft or Deliberate Damage of Library Materials

  1. The Chatham Area Public Library District Board of Library Trustees will enforce rules and regulations pertaining to the removal or retention of library materials from the Library or to the mutilation of same. The definition of “library material” as stated in Illinois Criminal Code of 1961 shall apply.
  2. Any person attempting to remove books or other materials from the Library without checking them out  will be charged up to the replacement cost of each item stolen or damaged, may have suspended library privileges according to established procedures, and/or may be prosecuted by the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office.

LEGAL REF.:         75ILCS 16/30-55.60, 75 ILCS 16/30-55.60, 720 ILCS5/16-0.1B

CROSS REF.:         4-90, 4-100, 4-110, 5-10

ADOPTED:             MARCH 20, 2000

AMENDED:             JUNE 21, 2004

AMENDED:           JUNE 15, 2009

AMENDED:           AUGUST 18, 2014

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