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Imagine sitting around a campfire with Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kiuk-kiuk, Black Hawk, listening to the stories of creation and the legends of his grandfathers. Storyteller and historian Brian “Fox” Ellis uses his family’s personal history, the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from their ancestral homeland along the Trail of Tears, and a deep knowledge of Native American history to bring the audience on a journey back to those dark days of American History with both humor and real insight, drawing strength from the resilience of the people. Weaving true history with folklore to create a tapestry of symbolic language he draws the audience into the world view of this respected leader of his people. Celebrate the First Nations of Illinois and see the world through Native eyes.

THIS IS A VIRTUAL PROGRAM. It will be held online using Zoom, an app you can download onto a smartphone or tablet, or use through your computer browser. Please contact Reference Librarian Suzanna at [email protected] for details.

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