Page Turner AdventuresWe’ve teamed up with Page Turner to bring you fun videos this summer. Each week, kids will join Page Turner and Kenny (plus a cast of kids) as they jump into the Once Upon a Time Machine in search of stories and adventure. Each week includes:

    *   Show Day: We present an original, interactive show that’s sure to engage kids.
    *   Craft Day: Simple, fun crafts that inspire creativity.
    *   Author/Illustrator Day: Short interviews with some of the best creators working in kidlit.
    *   Mashup Day: Recipes, games, bonus crafts, and other fun stuff that didn’t fit in the other days.
    *   Special Guest/Field Trip Day: We virtually visit some amazing places and people including mini-shows from other fantastic performers.

Videos will be available until September.

Juggling Workshop

Juggling Workshop


Learn to juggle with Kenny Mikey, a former Ringling Bros. clown! Kenny will teach you the five “Ps” of juggling: Patience, Persistence, Practice, Positive Attitude, and P-fun. You’ll start by juggling scarves, then learn how to make your own juggling balls. No scarves? No problem! You can use plastic grocery bags. And the balls are made from balloons and birdseed. You’ll have “ball” in this fun, interactive workshop. 

PDF iconJuggling Ball Directions.pdf

Week 1

1-SHOW DAY: Myrtle Over the Moon

In this original Moooosical Adventure, a “boring bovine” seeks love and fame on MooTube by attempting to jump over the moon using a trampoline, roller skates, and a jetpack. She fails, but finally realizes the appreciation she craves was there all along. A cast of talented kids join Kenny and Page Turner in this tale of farmyard friendship. 

2-CRAFT DAY: Cow Over the Moon Paper Plate Spinners

With a couple of paper plates and a few simple supplies, kids can make their own Myrtles or Clydes or Jessicas or….

PDF iconCow Over the Moon Spinner Directions

Craft Materials: 

  • 2-3 Paper Plates
  • 1 Piece of White Cardstock (or another 2 paper plates)
  • Paper Fastener or Thumbtack (with adult supervision) and Eraser 
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue or Scotch Tape
  • Black Marker or Black Crayon
  • Black and White Paint (optional)
  • Small Piece of Kitchen Sponge (optional)

3-AUTHOR DAY: Tammi Sauer

Tammi Sauer has written 30 picture books with more on the way!  In THE FARM THAT MAC BUILT: The scarecrow from Old Mac Donald’s farm emcees a barnyard theater production that collapses into hilarious chaos in this rollicking rendition of “The House That Jack Built.” And in NOT NOW, COW, all of the farm animals are ready for the seasons to change—but not Cow. Visit her at: 

4-MASHUP DAY: Clucking Chicken Cups

Time for another egg-cellent craft. Today we’re making chickens out of cups that actually cluck!

PDF iconClucking Chicken Cup Directions

Craft Materials

  • Red Solo Drinking Cup (or regular plastic cup) 
  • Thumbtack or nail (with adult supervision)
  • 2 Feet of Yarn or String. 
  • Glue or Scotch Tape 
  • 1 Small Piece of Yellow or Orange Craft Foam 
  • (colored construction paper can also be used)
  • 2 Googly Eyes 
  • Feathers (optional) 
  • Small Piece of Kitchen Sponge 

5-GUEST DAY: Kamal Bell from Sankofa Farms

Kamal Bell is not your average farmer. He started the 12-acre Sankofa Farms, in Durham, NC to improve food policy, teach nutritional literacy, and educate kids about agricultural-related professions. Kamal will take us on a virtual tour of Sankofa farms, including their working beehives, and give kids a "taste" of modern farm life. Visit his website at

Week 2

1-SHOW DAY: The Ocean’s Got Talent

We’ve searched the seven seas for some of the ocean’s most talented creatures. Octopus will perform an amazing escape, Mantis Shrimp will prove he’s not just a pretty face, and Angler Fish has an act you’ll definitely want to catch. With all this talent, will Sea Slug be able to shine? Puppetry and live action make this show a watery wonder. 

2-CRAFT DAY: “Printed” Ocean Scenes

With some recycled styrofoam and water based markers, kids can make their own beautiful ocean scenes.

PDF iconPrinted Ocean Scene Directions

Crafter Materials

  • 1 Piece of Recycled Styrofoam (take-out box, or plate or styrofoam tray from the dollar store)
  • 1 Dull Pencil 
  • Washable Markers
  • White Paper 
  • Clean Damp Sponge or Paper Towel (or spray bottle with water)

3-AUTHOR DAY: Kate Messner

Kate Messner is passionately curious and writes books for kids who wonder, too. Visit her at

During our interview, we’ll talk about two books in Kate’s Over and Under series.

4-MASHUP DAY: Coffee Filter Fish

With some water based markers and a little H2O, coffee filters are transformed into colorful fish. 

PDF iconCoffee Filter Fish Directions

Craft Materials

  • 1 Basket-style Coffee Filter (per fish)
  • 1 Rubber Band (per fish)
  • 1 Paper Towel (a wad of toilet paper or a napkin will also work)
  • Washable Markers
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • String or ribbon (optional)
  • Tape (optional-for jellyfish)
  • Coat hanger (optional)


Yasu is an award-winning performer who combines traditional Japanese theatre, music, origami, magic, and storytelling into one-of-a-kind performances. Yasu will share an excerpt of his show and teach kids how to make origami water creatures! To find out more about Yasu Ishida’s full virtual performances for libraries, visit his website:

Week 3

1-SHOW DAY: Such a Library!

A live action/animated show about a wacky librarian, a magic book and, of course, lots of animals. Based on the book SUCH A LIBRARY! By Jill Ross Nadler (aka Page Turner).

2-CRAFT DAY: Pet Pop Up Books

With an old file folder and a pair of scissors, kids can create their own magical pop up books!

PDF iconPet Pal PopUp Book Directions

Craft Materials

  • 1-2 Recycled Manilla File Folder 
  • Scissors 
  • Markers or Crayons or Colored Pencils 
  • Scotch Tape (optional)

3-AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR Day: Author Donna Gephart and illustrator Francesca Chessa

We have two special guests today, Author Donna Gephart and illustrator Francesca Chessa who will talk about their picture book GO BE WONDERFUL! Which features a spunky girl named Daisy and her pet dog, Mr. Bonkers. We’ll also get a sneak peek at Donna’s new novel for older readers, ABBY TRIED AND TRUE. Visit Donna at: and Francesca at:

4-MASHUP DAY: Pet Pal Open Face Sandwiches

This delicious treat is part art project and part recipe, and all you need is a slice of bread and any fixins’ you can find around the house.

PDF iconPet Pal Open Face Sandwiches

Craft Materials

  • 1 Slice of Bread (white, wheat, or whatever) 
  • 1 Tablespoon of Spread: Peanut Butter OR Cream Cheese OR Jam OR Guacamole
  • Decorations: Banana Slices, Grape Halves, Blueberries, Raisins, Almonds. 
  • (Decorations can be mixed, matched, and substituted with other ingredients)  

5-GUEST DAY: Jamie Katz, Pet Detective

Yup, pet detectives are really a thing, and Jamie Katz (her REAL name!) is one of the best as Kenny and Jill (aka Page Turner) found out first hand when Jamie helped them find their lost cat, Philo. Jamie will introduce us to her sniffer dogs, Gable and Fletcher and show kids how she trains them to help find lost pets.

Week 4

1-SHOW DAY: The PAW-cademy Awards

Get ready to roll out the red carpet when a cast of special guests join Kenny and Page during this classic awards-style show honoring furry friends of the silver screen, hero animals, and presidential pets.

2-CRAFT DAY: Celebrity Paw Prints

Using construction paper, paint, and craft foam, we’ll create celebrity paw prints worthy of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

PDF iconCelebrity Paw Print Directions

Craft Materials

  • 1 Piece of Black or Dark Blue) Construction Paper 
  • 1 Piece of Yellow Craft foam or Yellow Construction Paper 
  • 2 Pieces of Craft Foam (any color)*
  • Old Plastic Tub Covers (from yogurt, sour cream, tupperware, etc.) 
  • Craft Glue 
  • White Paint 
  • Glitter Glue (optional) 
  • Marker (any dark color) 
  • Animal Paw Print Template (will be provided with directions) 
  • Star Template (will be provided with directions) 
  • *If craft foam isn’t available, recycled styrofoam can be used instead.


Pat is the recipient of the Coretta Scott King and the Boston Globe-Horn Book awards. She’ll share her latest book WHERE IS MOMMY. We’ll also meet a celebrity spider in ANANSE AND THE LIZARD.  Visit Pat’s website at:

4-MASHUP DAY: Pat Cummings Reads her book HARVEY MOON, MUSEUM BOY!

5-GUEST PERFORMER: Wesley Williams’ Puppy Pals-Comedy Dog Show


Wesley has been on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, now he’s here with an excerpt from his hilarious Puppy Pals show featuring cute canines creating controlled chaos! For information about scheduling a full virtual show, visit