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Beginning on January 11, 2021, the Library is embarking on the quest to connect community members during this season of winter and quarantine.  Through our Connect Write Away Pen Pal Project, we aim to connect Chatham-area residents who may be feeling the pangs of isolation and wish to connect with others through letter writing. The Pen Pal Project is open to adults and youth ages 7+ (with parental supervision) and is intended to be friendly, kind, and social in nature.

Pen Pals will be assigned at random (with the exception of addresses). Identifying information such as sex and age will not be requested. The Project is an opportunity for stories, drawings, and notes of kindness and encouragement to be shared across town and, potentially, across generations. Families can read, compile, and send letters to their Pen Pals together if they would like. Let’s send some joy to our neighbors this winter!

Those who sign up to write letters will be matched with a Pen Pal, will receive a Pen Pal Kit with stationary and writing prompt ideas, and will agree to write at least three letters to their Pen Pals by April 1, 2021 (although you can always write more). You can write to your Pen Pal about yourself, your hobbies, favorite books, music, and movies; you can even connect using some of the writing prompt ideas found in the Pen Pal Kit. 

If interested in participating, please fill out this form by January 24, 2021:


Program Dates:

1) January 24, 2021 - Final day to sign up to participate

2) January 25 - February 1 - Participants will be contacted and Pen Pal Kits can start being picked up from the Library

3) April 1, 2021 - Final day for Pen Pals to have sent their third letter

Please note that by signing up for the Connect Write Away Pen Pal Project you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • You grant the Chatham Area Public Library permission to release your name and address to your Pen Pal
  • You agree to write three letters to your Pen Pal by April 1, 2021
  • You agree that the Library’s role in the Connect Write Away Pen Pal Project is to encourage connection between community members. The Library assumes no responsibility for the content of letters sent or actions taken between Pen Pal participants.

For questions, please contact Megan Freeman at [email protected].